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Promethium – Faces Of War – Album Review

Death comes to us all!

Faces Of War is the 3rd album from Promethium, a UK based bunch of heavy metal marauders who’ve been building in intensity since forming in 2007. Fond of soaring layered vocals and a sense of epicality often dismissed by today’s glut of tech-heavy bands, Promethium inhabit a zone that should appeal to both the classic metal lover….and those in thrall to modern metal’s more brutal realms.

After the bombast of opener “Enemies Fate”, it’s left to the moody semi-balladry of “Shell Shock” to make the first indelible mark and as the momentum of Faces Of War builds, so do the rewards! This is one of those albums that frustratingly saves the best for last. So be patient, because as Faces Of War reaches an ear-splitting crescendo with the killer combo of “Final Solution”, “Kill On Demand” and the outstanding title track, the quality of this album reveals itself on a massive scale.

Why is the second half of Faces Of War better in our humble opinion? Perhaps it’s just our taste in the heavier side of metal, but Promethium improve when they combine the semi-melodic vocals of Steve Graham with the feral barks of his bandmates. Together they prove to be a formidable weapon and give the latter tracks of Faces Of War that all-important killer edge!

Heavy on political and social commentary, the horror of war is intricately dissected as Promethium lay waste to the hypocrisy of conflict. Faces Of War may cover well-trodden ground but they do it with enough skill and artistic endeavour to warrant diving back into the trenches. 7/10

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