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5 Bands That Should Have Been As Big As Black Sabbath In The 1970’s

Should have been huge!


Source // cs608816.vk.me
Source // cs608816.vk.me

Must Hear: “Napoleon Bonaparte Parts 1 & 2″….one of the greatest hard rock/proto metal combo’s in existence. Fact.

Perennially under appreciated, Budgie were simply an outstanding power trio and responsible for much of the scene we know and love today.

With a hot streak of five classic albums in a row (Budgie, Squawk, Never Turn Your Back On A Friend, In For The Kill! & Bandolier), their output – if you’ve actually heard it all and if you haven’t, why not – speaks for itself and their unique combination of wry humour, Sabbathian heaviness and ability to often match Rush in the progressive stakes, should have made them more than mere UK curiosities!

“Breadfan” may be the ‘famous’ track in Budgie‘s cage but their back catalogue simply oozes with similar class and barnstorming invention. Proto-thrash, heavy metal, hard rock, blues….Budgie did it all.

Ironically, they should have made millions!

Sadly, frontman and bassist Burke Shelley died in his sleep at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff on 10 January 2022, aged 71. RIP.

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