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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Terminus – Tomb Of Infamy

Source - Terminus - Tomb of Infamy

How the fuck do Divebomb Records keep unearthing such gems! It’s now the turn of Californian death metal act Terminus to receive the Divebomb deluxe reissue and remastering treatment and yet another semi-lost treasure sees the light of day….and what a deathly treasure of a compilation Tomb Of Infamy is!

An old-school death/thrash extravaganza, this prime slab of meat thrashes your face off while also channelling the lumpen grooves of Obituary and the result is (was) uniformly stunning. Originally recorded as an EP way back in 1996 but never released, Tomb Of Infamy‘s 6 tracks emerge from the grave as much more than just nostalgic reminders of death metal’s glory days, they’re rivals to the early works of Pestilence, Krabathor and Agressor.

And, that ain’t all!

Tacked on as ‘bonus tracks’ is Terminus’ outstanding debut album Creations (1994), thirteen songs in all. That’s no bonus, it’s all your goddamn Christmas’ come at once!

Re-released on February 10th 2017, this is real old-school death metal. Originally written when the genre was still conquering the planet, Tomb Of Infamy is a bona fide lost classic; revelling in evil intentions and blasting forth with almost inhuman indignation. 8/10

Terminus Tomb of Infamy

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