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5 Bands That Should Have Been As Big As Black Sabbath In The 1970’s

Should have been huge!

The Groundhogs


Must Hear: “Split – Part 1”; thought Cream had that thundering blues-rock thing sewn up? “Split – Part 1” was equal to anything Clappers and co. released!

The Groundhogs. Respected? Of course! As big as Sabbath? Not on your nelly! Which is perplexing, as The Groundhogs were undoubtedly a power trio to be reckoned with.

With albums such as 1970’s Thank Christ For The Bomb, 1991’s Split and 1972’s Who Will Save The World? The Mighty Groundhogs showcasing their considerable talent for proto metal/blues rock, their ascendancy should have ben stratospheric…and they came close to achieving it!

It didn’t help that when Split went straight into the charts – and would have made number one – their record company failed to re-stock in time. Despite this humongous cock-up, Split did re-enter the charts and stayed there for 6 months. selling 100.000 copies and becoming the 6th best-selling album of 1971 in the process!

Tony McPhee (guitar/vocals) keeps The Groundhogs name alive to this day, an unwavering commitment to keeping his legacy (and it’s a formidable one) and The Groundhogs considerable contribution to music in the public eye.

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