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5 Bands That Should Have Been As Big As Black Sabbath In The 1970’s

Should have been huge!


Source // 3.bp.blogspot.com
Source // 3.bp.blogspot.com

Must Hear: “Homicidal Psychopath”. It may not be metal per se but the insightful lyrics, intricate guitar work and fiendish melody actually transform this somewhat jaunty affair into something as undefinably sinister as the title suggests.

Produced by Tony Iommi himself, Necromandus may have released only one album but it’s a minor 70’s classic that deserves to be lauded as a 70’s progressive hard rock milestone. For reasons that can’t really be fathomed, this work of folk-infused, proto-doom meets prog rock genius was left collecting dust until 1999!

However, since then, Orexis Of Death‘s standing as a lost great has only increased year on year. So much so in fact, Necromandus reformed in 2016 – led by original drummer Frank Hall – and a new album, based on recordings from 1975, arrived in 2017.

Sabbath may be retired but Necromandus live….and there’s a lot of time to be made up for!

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