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Dark Meditation – Polluted Temple – Album Review

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, many metalheads shied away from goth and dark alternative rock like it was the plague. Fortunately many of us got over our prejudices and rediscovered what’s great about bands like Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus. Seattle’s Dark Meditation is a metal band that fully embraces a love for goth rock on their first excellent album, Polluted Temples, and this quintet infuse their classic metal with the melody and infectiousness of their British goth and heavy rock brethren.

Drawing inspiration from bands as diverse as Fields of The Nephilim and Judas Priest, Dark Meditation have unleashed 10 songs that find the perfect balance between catchy and heavy; songs that welcome fans of Tribulation and Sisters of Mercy alike.

The production on Polluted Temples is perfect, with a dirty and organic sound. The drums are heavy and have the density and simplicity of old Priest. The only slightly weak link is singer AD Vick’s somewhat atonal voice….but it’s a small complaint.

Polluted Temples will appeal to metalheads and goths alike and, if the label plays their cards right, will garner plenty of positive press and for fans looking for classic hybrid metal….Dark Meditation’s first effort provides a damn fine collection of graveyard anthems. 8/10

Dark Meditation‘s Polluted Temple is released on January 28th, 2022 via Satanik Royalty Records

Satanik Royalty Records - Dark Meditation - Polluted Temples 12" (Pre-Order)
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