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Seax – Fallout Rituals – Album Review

Born to live fast!

Massachusetts’ finest Seax (an Old English word for “knife”) are as sharp as their bladed namesake on 4th full length, Fallout Rituals, an album that’s a thrillingly nostalgic blast of classic heavy fuckin’ metal and speed metal mania!

A fixture on the true metal scene, Seax are a speed metal juggernaut, harnessing the sounds of early-80’s global cult acts such as Exciter, Hexx, Running Wild, Living Death, Griffin, Iron Angel, Helloween and Agent Steel, and shredding like their very lives depend on it.

This really is some speedy-ass shit, with Carmine Blade’s hellion shrieks sounding one octave away from a sonic fucking boom and the rapid-fire riffs that back him up threaten to reach light speed throughout. It’s no understatement to say Seax do not mess around with Fallout Rituals flying past your (grateful) ears with a relentless barrage of classic metal sounds.

Earning metal stripes (and chufty badges) with each and every track, it’s “Winds Of Atomic Death” that’s particularly pungent while “Born to Live Fast” features Panzerbastard’s Keith Bennett on guest vocals and closes out Fallout Rituals in considerable style. The remainder? As equally as accomplished and equally as intense. 8/10

Fallout Rituals (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Released: 5 April 2019

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