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Protector – Summon The Hordes – Album Review

Summon the thrash hordes!

Did you love the 1980’s? Did you love thrash metal in the 1980’s? Did you love Euro thrash in the 1980’s? Did you love Kreator circa Pleasure To Kill and Terrible Certainty? If you answer a resounding YES! to all these questions, then we’ve found the album for you!

Summon The Hordes is the latest offering from classic German thrash outfit Protector, who were peddling their goods back in that golden era, too. There have been a few albums since then, which, perhaps, haven’t stayed true to the Teutonic thrash formula – you know the formula, budget sounding production resulting in a rough and raw sound with more of a growly, hissy vocal style. And NO ballads! However, Summon The Hordes goes right back to their roots (bloody roots! Sorry, different continent) and fully embraces that unique thrashy 1980’s vibe.

In this case, regression (and sticking to the formula) is a good thing!

So what have we got here? 10 tracks of thrashy mayhem, that’s what! Admittedly, there’s not much variation in the music – although the lyrics cover a variety of topics – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As long as you enjoy German thrash, you’re in safe hands. If it’s not for you, then steer well clear.

What we have here is a band still playing their trade after 33 years in the business, their first album, Golem, being released way back in 1988. That’s quite a career, when you think about it. Of the original lineup, only Martín Missy on vocals/guitar remains but he’s recruited 3 fine young chaps to help him take the band forward, although they resolutely plan to stay an underground act. Which is fair enough. It’s hard to make it big with this sort of sound, which is definitely an acquired taste; with the notable exceptions of Kreator, Destruction and Tankard, of course!

A raw, raucous, nasty thrash album, Summon The Hordes is not going to set the world on fire but it’s certainly a fun way for old-school Teutonic thrash fans to spend 45-50 minutes! 7/10.

Protector’s Summon The Hordes is out NOW via High Roller Records.

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