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Infex – Burning Exile – Album Review

Burn, baby, burn.....

There’s not a lot to pick apart on Burning In Exile and that’s no bad thing.

The third album from Bay Area thrashers Infex is a solid contender for one of the year’s most straightforward albums, and just to be clear: straightforward doesn’t mean predictable.

Does Burning In Exile take advantage of the stockpile of thrash tropes? Absolutely. And Infex take advantage effectively.

Between anthemic bangers “The Burning” and “Exiled”, the mayhemic destruction of “The Abyss” the death metal savagery of “Acid Reign” and the booze soaked tomfoolery of “Beer Run”, Burning In Exile doesn’t stay in one place for too long.

The sounds of Testament and Forbidden can be heard in the foundations of Burning In Exile, but the subtle dose of punkier elements that Infex threw in is where the album really blows up.

So, if you’re more into crossover or hardcore, there’s plenty of moments that’ll make your ears perk up. Also, for an album that is close to 40 minutes long, Burning In Exile never runs out of gas.

All in all, Burning In Exile is straightforward….but full of variety. If you like classic thrash – with a few extra splashes of hot sauce – you really can’t go wrong with Burning In Exile.

Infex‘s Burning In Exile will be released on August 13th. Preorders are available through Infex’s bandcamp

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