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Warrior Path – Warrior Path – Album Review

Choose the right path!

Power metal is surely one of the most mocked genres in heavy metal and, to be fair, much of the derision aimed its way is probably well deserved. Theatrical, cheesy and, often, way over-the top, it can be an acquired taste, but – and that’s a big but – power metal can also be great fun! And that, dear friends, is where Greece’s Warrior Path come in.

Take note. These guys aren’t just power metal either, they’re fucking epic power metal which ups the ante in every way possible! Consisting of ten chest-beating tracks, Warrior Path proves its mettle on its longer songs, where Warrior Path really let themselves go and show what they are truly capable of.

The likes of opening track “Riders Of The Dragons”, “Path Of The Warior” and “Valhalla I’m Coming” feature dazzling musicianship from all involved – and are home to a myriad of time changes – while vocalist Yannis Popadopoulous wisely stays away from the high pitched histrionics, which can plague the genre, and instead delivers his lines in a manner which brings to mind Bruce Dickinson. It’s not so much that the Beast In Black frontman sounds like Bruce Bruce, its more in his delivery and intonation and, lets be honest, that’s never going to be a bad thing!

Where this album slightly lets itself down though, is with its shorter songs, which tend to come across as slightly generic and lacking in the imagination that we already know Warrior Path have in abundance. That said there’s more than enough quality on display to not let that dampen the mood too much, and who knows, even the non-power metal fans out there may find something to enjoy here! 7/10

ALBUM:     Warrior Path
GENRE:     Epic Heavy/Power Metal
RELEASE: March 1st, 2019 via Symmetric Records
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