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Black Sheets Of Rain – In The Eye Of The Storm – EP Review

No rest for the wicked!

UK heavy metal power trio Black Sheets Of Rain‘s debut EP, In The Eye Of The Storm, is a nostalgic blast of Sabbathian darkness meets Thin Lizzy melody and grit and conjures images of classic 70’s and early 80’s bands giving their all in the name of rock and fuckin’ roll.

Featuring Dave Nuttall (drums / vocals, ex-Toy Dolls), Matt Lambourne (bass, ex-Solomon Groove) and Rich Davenport (vocals / guitar, ex-See Red, Atomkraft), In The Eye Of The Storm‘s finest moment features a guest vocal contribution from Davenport’s former Atomkraft bandmate Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (Venom Inc) on the song “No Rest”. The heaviest song on the EP by a country mile, “No Rest” is a rumbling riff bulldozer of apocalyptic intent; propelled by Davenport’s Ozzy-esque delivery and topped off by Tony Dolan’s sinister soliloquy.

The track that precedes it is equally as insistent, with “Still Spark Something” proving to be a lively opener. “Through The Storm” then has a progressive rock/metal feel to it as the boys launch into a closing instrumental of hypnotic riffing before “Force Of Habit” channels a classic hard-rockin’ NWOBHM vibe. “Weight Of Shadows” then hits a doomier groove, one that comes laced with an addictive vocal melody.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Tony Wilson (Diamond Head, BBC Radio Friday Rock Show), In The Eye Of The Storm is a solid collection of melodic yet hard-edged metal tunes which should appeal to those still in thrall with the sounds emanating from the UK at the tail end of the 70’s. 7/10

 In The Eye Of The Storm is out TODAY via W.A.R. Productions!

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