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Revenant Marquis – Youth In Ribbons – Album Review

God save your poor, poor ears!

Youth In Ribbons is proof positive that you don’t need to nip off to Norway for some ridiculously raw black metal, not when you can sashay across the Severn Bridge and encounter the diabolical sounds of pure hellish evil delivered by mysterious Welsh heathens, Revenant Marquis instead!

Prolific doesn’t do these miscreants justice as having just revealed their first public work in 2018 with the aptly titled Pitiless Black Emphasis album, two more full-lengths in the shape of Polterngyst and Anti Universal Compassion quickly followed. And, now they’re back…..with yet more lo-fi howlings from the ass-end of hell with which to ravage your poor, poor earholes.

We’ll be brutally honest, this is mostly unlistenable bilge.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Norway, Wales or Satan’s fuckin’ underpants, this is the kind of black metal that predominantly gives black metal a bad name. There’s some semblance of creativity to be found but it’s mostly buried (ironically) beneath a swirling mass of tortured noise and weirdly off kilter, almost avant-garde, experimentation (see “Grave Lit Transmorgrification”).

Believe it or not, we do like black metal and have to admit that Youth In Ribbons is certainly a curio but we don’t see us returning to it anytime soon. Which is hardly a recommendation now, is it! 4/10

Incidentally, we love the angelic artwork (see below) which is completely and utterly at odds with the ‘music’ housed within!

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