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6 Under-Appreciated Classics Of UK Thrash (Pt.5)

Thrash it up, UK style!

Parts 12, 3 & 4 of our under-appreciated classics of UK thrash already highlighted the likes of Pariah, Seventh Angel, Virus, Deathwish and Detritus among others but there’s plenty more quality thrash from good ol’ Blighty still knocking around, collecting dust at the bottom of the thrash pile….which is tantamount to sacrilege!

In actuality, the UK thrashed just as hard as Germany, Brazil, Canada and the States and Worship Metal has selected another 6 unsung classics of UK thrash that deserve to be re-evaluated, re-assessed and re-played at eardrum bursting volume!

Thrash it up, UK style!

Concrete Sox – Whoops Sorry Vicar! (1987)

Concrete Sox – Whoops, Sorry Vicar! (2011, CD) - Discogs

Crossover kings Concrete Sox may not be the first name that pops into your head when you think of UK thrash but there was enough thrash to their hardcore punk sound to warrant inclusion here!

With an overall attitude reeking of sneering hardcore punk, it’s left to the music to lean towards ‘the thrash’ and the raw 1 minute 17 seconds explosion of “Scientific Slaughter” remains a crossover classic. 

There’s obviously humour aplenty (you don’t title your album Whoops Sorry Vicar! if you aren’t prone to jesting), and the genius of “Moustache (Acting Like a Maniac)” – which ably rips the piss out of Metallica’s “Whiplash” – retains its value! 

As far as crossover thrash goes, you can safely file Concrete Sox alongside UK hardcore/crust punk/crossover thrash royalty such as Sacrilege, Onslaught, Cerebral Fix and Deviated Instinct. 


D.A.M – Human Wreckage (1989)

D.A.M. – Human Wreckage (1988, Vinyl) - Discogs

A relatively archetypical thrash album from the late 80’s, D.A.M‘s debut album, Human Wreckage, may have been lacking that killer edge to propel it into the big leagues but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t home to some bitchin’, occasionally hardcore-inflected, thrash! 

Taking a darker, edgier approach meant that D.A.M’s excursions into semi-ballad territory – particularly on the atmospheric “Infernal Torment” – paid dividends for a band who were just as capable at high-speed riff-fests (check out the S.O.D-esque album closer, “F.O.D”). 

An album that belies its also-ran status, Human Wreckage managed to blend crossover thrash with a progressive mindset and while the results can occasionally be jarring, they’re never anything less than entertaining!


Sacrilege – Behind The Realms Of Madness (1985)

Sacrilege – Behind The Realms Of Madness (1984, Vinyl) - Discogs

A furious cacophony of pure thrashing noise, Sacrilege‘s seminal debut was a crust punk, D-beat, thrash combo designed to floor apathetic listeners who thought they knew the meaning of ‘heavy’. 

Ably blurring the lines between more traditional hardcore punk and the darker side of thrash metal, Sacrilege’s blitzkrieg riffing and Lynda ‘Tam’ Simpson’s feral shouts marked them out as true progenitors of crust. With an antagonistic vigour unrivalled by any other band in the scene, Sacrilege were heavy in every sense of the word with their perfectly rendered noise counterbalanced by political nous. 

Behind The Realms Of Madness was/is the kind of album that transcends borders and acts as a defining moment in the 80’s cross-pollination of both punk and metal……its influence cannot be underestimated!


Bomb Disneyland – Why Not! (1989)

Bomb Disneyland - Why Not? (1989, Vinyl) | Discogs

Also known as ‘Bomb Everything’ after Disneyland took offence (what, didn’t Mickey appreciate the English sense of humour, or something?!), these guys were an anomaly in that their music practically defied categorisation! 

However, with enough thrash thrown into the mix to balance out the  crossover / hardcore punk madness, Bomb Disneyland‘s place on this list is well earned. 

Aggressive crossover thrash may have been Bomb Disneyland’s meat and potatoes but a big ol’ side order of tomfoolery was the satisfying accompaniment and, when thrown together, it all tasted damn good! 

15 tracks. 31mins. A rollicking good time. 

Faster bastards, FASTER!


Anihilated – Created In Hate (1988)

Anihilated – Created In Hate (1987, Vinyl) - Discogs

One of the most furiously feral thrash albums to ever emerge from the shores of the UK, Anihilated‘s raucous full length debut, Created In Hate, stands proud as one of the most bullish UK releases of the late 80’s.

Home to the iconic “Chase The Dragon” – a ferocious UK thrash classic if ever there was one – Anihilated were very much an aggressive and antagonistic beast in 1988.

With Anihilated’s punk roots still informing much of their sound, it’s no surprise that when Anihilated weren’t playing fast….they were playing faster!

Which is just how we like it!


Xentrix – Scourge (1996)

Xentrix – Scourge (CD) - Discogs

Scourge is an album that receives a shit load of flack but Xentrix‘s mid-90’s effort is still an album of merit…..just one that needs to be taken in context!

With the departure of frontman and figurehead Chris Astley, Xentrix faced an uphill battle but Simon Gordon (Kill II This) was installed in his place and Xentrix soldiered on regardless. Admittedly, there’s a groove/rap metal element (a sign of the times unfortunately) to the likes of the title track and “Caught You Living”, but the thundering grooves and throaty holler of Simon Gordon still resulted in an album of mid-tempo thrashers that deserved way better a reception than it received.

Scourge isn’t a bad album by any means, it’s just not a match for Xentrix’s high water marks Shattered Existence or For Whose Advantage?….but that’s like saying Testament’s Low is completely without merit just because it’s not The Legacy or Practice What You Preach, which would be a ridiculous assertion! 

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