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6 Under-Appreciated Classics Of American Thrash Metal (Pt 1.)

Forget The Big 4! These Overlooked Classics Of U.S Thrash Metal Thrashed Just As Hard!

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U.S Thrash generally takes the majority of the plaudits when it comes to singling out the genres finest moments (Reign In Blood, Master Of Puppets, Bonded By Blood, The Legacy etc) so we decided to turn the spotlight on those albums that snuck in under the radar without receiving the respect, or acknowledgment, they blatantly deserved.

Here are just 6 under-appreciated American Thrash classics that are on repeat rotation here at Worship Metal Manor; there are many more albums equally worthy of rediscovery and reappraisal so look for Pt. 2 in this series over the coming weeks.

This is for the true Thrashers! No posers allowed!

 6. Holy Terror – Terror And Submission (1987)

Source // img15.nnm.me

Source // img15.nnm.me

Holy Terror’s debut from 1987 remains one of the more aggressive albums from Thrash’s golden age and this cult band deserved far greater acclaim for this and its equally accomplished follow-up, Mind Wars.

One of the most original sounding Thrash bands of the 80’s, Terror And Submission recalls the classic clatter of Venom and Possessed and retains the filthy sound that Thrash originally pioneered before Metallica and Megadeth etc bought a commercialised sheen to the genre. Still indebted to the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, “Evil’s Rising” particularly paid homage to the classic sounding, harmonised riffs of Diamond Head and Tygers Of Pan Tang while “Blood Of The Saints” updated Judas Priest’s British Steel for speed obsessed Thrash enthusiasts.

Caught between Speed-Metal’s barely in control histrionics and the melody of the NWOBHM, it’s the insanely varied vocals that push Terror And Submission into the realms of ‘classic’ status. Delivering a tour-de-force of ear-shattering shrieks and screams, melodic high’s and deathly low’s and Thrash Metals’ obligatory mid-range rasp, Keith Deen should be revered as one of the finest vocalists in Thrash Metal history; precious few could compete with his sheer skill and diversity.

Acknowledged as a semi-obscure classic among Thrash die-hards, Terror And Submission remains a unique and under-appreciated entry in the history of Thrash Metal.

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  1. You want a real underrated Thrash classics find Sacrilege bc’s “Party With God” or Blind Illusion’s “The Sane Asylum”

  2. Great list of overlooked bands. Best music genre ever; a handful made millions and the rest can’t pack a small bar.

    Othwr worthy nominees: Morbid Saint, Onslaught and Whiplash.

  3. Thank you 🙏 for the Atrophy review

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