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6 Under-Appreciated Classics Of UK Thrash (Pt.1)

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We’ve covered many of the U.S.A’s greatest under-appreciated thrash classics here, here and here and now it’s time for us Brits to stand up and be counted. Unfairly forgotten when it comes to thrash, the UK has unleashed a number of stone cold classics over the years and plenty of unsung treasures too!

This is just Part 1, plenty more to come….the Germans and the Americans weren’t the only ones good at this thrash lark you know!

6. D.A.M – Inside Out (1991)

Source // s100.fotosklad.org.ua

Source // s100.fotosklad.org.ua

Must Hear Track: “Winter’s Tear“, a more truly epic thrash song you’d be hard pressed to find!

D.A.M may have only released two albums during their initial stab at this thing we call thrash but they were damn (pun completely intended) fine albums and 1991’s Inside Out was their greatest achievement.

Led by Jason McLoughlin’s fierce yet highly melodic vocals – sitting somewhere between Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna, Flotsam and Jetsam’s Erik A.K. and Overkill’s Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth – D.A.M pedalled a classic metal styled thrashing, intrinsically tied to the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’s humble beginnings.

Mid-paced, nuanced and blessed with a confident sense of control that steered them away from the fiendishly frantic metallic onslaught of contemporaries Anihilated and Virus, D.A.M’s sense of eerie harmony replete with the necessary crunch instead nestled them nicely next to the likes of Xentrix and Slammer.

With an almost indescribably sinister edge – check out the shiver-inducing “House Of Cards” – D.A.M were unafraid to turn the screw while embracing the suitably epic. Album highlight, “Winter’s Tear”, was a Nevermore meets Metal Church excursion into dramatic thrash territory; part ballad, part nightmare made flesh and if Testament has seen fit to include this outstanding track on The Ritual the world would have paid far more attention. A sad state of affairs but commonplace for most of the UK’s thrash bands.

Liked that? Try this: Check out Jason McLoughlin’s killer guest vocals on Anihilated‘s recent thrash anthem, “Thrashing Crew”

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  1. It’s a pity Natural Order by Hellbastard wasn’t included in the list

  2. Deathwish as well, their two full lengths “Demon Preacher” and “At The Edge Of Damnation” are classics… Hard to decide which one is better, though their deal with GWR/Profile meant that sophomore followup “Demon Preacher” had better production… Shit man, Xentrix too, and of course Onslaught…

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