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Celebrating 35 Years(!) of Destruction’s Release From Agony!

Something insane is on the prowl....

Release from Agony – the 3rd studio album by German thrash metal royalty Destruction – was released on 1st December 1987 via Steamhammer/SPV, and was the last studio album to feature bassist and lead vocalist Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer until he rejoined the band in 1999.

Destruction may have started life as a rough ‘n’ ready blackened thrash band but by the time their third full length album, Release From Agony, arrived they’d transformed themselves into a technical thrash act par excellence.

The mad butcher didn’t just strike back with this album, it hacked and sliced its way through the competition and while (originally) the quality of Release From Agony‘s production left a lot to be desired, the likes of “Sign Of Fear” and  “Survive To Die” indicated that Destruction were now operating on a higher level than the majority of their peers.

A thrilling combination of insanely technical riffs and abstract song structures marks out Release From Agony as a true masterpiece of Teutonic thrash……and Destruction would, arguably, never be so wilfully obscure again!


  • Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer – bass, vocals
  • Harry Wilkens – lead guitar
  • Mike Sifringer – rhythm guitar
  • Oliver “Olli” Kaiser – drums
Destruction – Release From Agony (1987, White, Vinyl) - Discogs
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