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Worship Metal’s Indispensable Guide To Wildfire Festival’s 2016 Line Up!

24-26 June 2016.....it's gonna be a scorcher!

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You can feel it in the air, spring is springing, summer is threatening to deliver some semblance of slightly warm (but probably damp weather) and that can mean only one thing….festivals! Loads of the buggers!

This year sees Wildfire, Scotland’s biggest Rock and Metal festival, celebrate its 5th anniversary in some style, with Wiston Lodge welcoming a huge and diverse line up that includes the best of UK hard rock, heavy metal, death metal and thrash AND some truly special guests from far off lands.

One hell of a delicious weekend is in store and Worship Metal felt compelled to highlight the sheer array of bands and rock and metal sub-genres on offer this year…..so, here’s our indispensable guide to Wildfire Festival 2016’s must see bands!

See you f*ckers in Scotland! \m/ 

The Headliners



How could we not start with the headliners! Wildfire 2016 plays host to 3 names who should be familiar to those with both their finger on the pulse of the latest up and coming acts and a knowledge of musicians who’s recording output extends back three decades….including a man who once fronted arguably the greatest metal band to ever walk this earth!

Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens headlines the Friday and a finer voice in heavy metal you’d be hard pressed to find. His work with Judas Priest may be undervalued but Jugulator and particularly the disturbingly dark Demolition are metal monsters! With ‘The Ripper’ performing Priest’s Live In London, this UK exclusive performance is the jewel in Wildfire’s crown.

Causing an almighty stir amongst the UK rock faithful, Saturday’s headliner Inglorious are a band set for a meteoric rise. With the on-going question over who will take over the legends of rock and metal when they eventually retire, Wildfire are firmly putting their faith in the up and coming bands and you don’t get much bigger than Inglorious right now! Witness the new saviours of rock ‘n’ roll before they go stratospheric!

Riot (aka Riot V) have scored the closing headlining slot and these New York legends of speed metal, power metal and classic heavy metal are the perfect way to end what will be an incredible weekend. Responsible for one of the finest metal albums of the 80’s – we refer to Fire Down Under of course – they’re arguably stronger than ever. 2014’s Unleash The Fire was a revelation, the band fighting through the grief of losing founding member Mark Reale (R.I.P) and coming back with a simply colossal heavy metal album that honoured their legacy.

There could be no better way to end a festival that epitomises the spirit of rock and metal!

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