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Worship Metal’s 10 Greatest Albums Of 2018!

The best of 2018!

3. In The Woods…. – Cease The Day

Country: Norway
Genre: Progressive Metal / Black Metal
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Release date: 23rd November 2018

Following the release of their mind-blowing 2016 comeback album Pure, Norway’s IN THE WOODS….returned with their latest genre-splicing oeuvre, Cease the Day, an epic excursion into the wilderness of progressive black metal.

Tremelo-riffing and black metal-esque shrieks still informed much of their work but there was just as much light as their was shade, with prog battling black metal for supremacy and brute force jostling with pure emotion. The result was stunning with In The Woods dealing with their own, self-inflicted personal demons by composing absorbing, multi-faceted tracks of overt splendour.

Despite black metal providing the foundations, it’s notable just how ‘warm’ Cease The Day felt, with the windswept chill of old reheated with a bone-soothing, cleansing chambré. Suitably epic – with each track ably traversing a multitude of moods – the heavy metal fan was sated by moments of shocking aggression but those who adore the delicacies served forth by Opeth, Mastodon and (obviously, considering the bands history) Green Carnation also appreciated the sheer magnitude of this dexterous beast.

Go wallow in its grandiosity, marvel at its intricacies and bow down before an album that labelled In The Woods…. as 2018’s prog metal royalty!

Seize the day and have a listen here.

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