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Worship Metal’s 10 Greatest Albums Of 2018!

The best of 2018!

Yep, another end of year list! But at least this one is actually at the end of the bloody year!!

After much deliberation, feast your eyes and ears on the 10 albums that rocked our metal lovin’ world in 2018. It’s varied, it’s certainly not exhaustive (we could have knocked out a Top 100 if we’d had the time!) but it does represent the sheer breadth of talent that was operating under the guise of ‘metal’ this year and these are the albums that we gorged on the most.

Thanks 2018, you were top!

10. Windhand – Eternal Return

Country: United States
Genre: Doom Metal / Stoner Metal 
Label: Relapse Records
Release date: 5th October 2018

What made Windhand‘s Eternal Return, their 4th studio album in 7 years, so damn alluring?

Could it have been the almighty power conjured by the most sloth-like, lumbering doom riffs heard in years? Could it have been the effervescently ethereal and spine-tingling vocals of the bewitching Dorthia Cottrell? Could it have been the otherworldly white squall of Windhand’s feedback-drenched stoner/doom tsunami?

The answer was simple, it was all 3 combined and yet there was an another element in play which enabled Windhand to transcend humble doom metal trappings. By throwing the, much-discussed, flannel-wearing stench of grunge into the mix, Windhand were able to define their sound on their own terms.

Listen to the celestial qualities of Windhand’s Eternal Return here.

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