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Worship Metal’s 10 Greatest Albums Of 2018!

The best of 2018!

6. Pestilence – Hadeon

Country: Netherlands
Genre: Progressive Death Metal / Death Metal
Label: Hammerheart Records
Release date: 26th January 2018

Pestilence‘s Hadeon may have been more accessible than 90’s avant-garde classic Spheres but it was equally as challenging. If you need a timeline reference point, we’d say Hadeon was probably the album that should have followed the progressive majesty of Testimony Of The Ancients (and we love Spheres, so this isn’t a slur), such is its ability to combine the progressive/technical audacity of Testimony with the blunt force trauma of late 80’s benchmark Consuming Impulse.

Pestilence have always sounded otherworldly – and Hadeon was certainly no exception – but there was such an old school vibe simmering away in the background that the kid in you who first devoured Consuming Impulse will be fully sated and as happy as a pig in shit! There’s even a little vocoder voice manipulation to keep the nostalgia at high levels!

Another draw was just how damn succinct this album was. With all fat rendered and bones stripped clean, Pestilence have arguably never been so taut. With each track barely scraping past the 3 and a half minute mark, this showing of complete confidence echoed throughout the album, drawing a line under previous endeavours (post 2009) and marking Hadeon out as year zero for a band who’ve had their fair share of false-starts.

Devour it here.

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