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Worship Metal’s 10 Greatest Albums Of 2018!

The best of 2018!

7. De Profundis – The Blinding Light Of Faith

Country: UK
Genre: Progressive Death Metal / Blackened Death Metal 
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Release date: 28th September 2018

In 2018, one of the UK’s leading death metal acts returned with their 5th album and it was clear that De Profundis hadn’t sounded this focused and this ferocious in years. Perpetually progressive, subtly melodic and yet as savage as they come, De Profundis sounded rejuvenated and The Blinding Light Of Faith was an eye-opening blast of technical death metal brutality.

An anti-religious stance echoes throughout The Blinding Light Of Faith, as the hypocrisy of Abrahamic religions were stripped bare and mercilessly dissected. This was some seriously heavy shit; in context, in structure and in tone, with the band surpassing themselves from a technical perspective while maintaining a core sound that recalled the glory days of progressive death metal.

A ‘great’ album was always to be expected but The Blinding Light Of Faith should be considered a modern extreme metal masterpiece from one of the UK’s leading purveyors of vehement filth.

Be blinded by its brilliance here.

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