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Worship Metal’s 10 Greatest Albums Of 2018!

The best of 2018!

8. Thrashist Regime – Carnival Of Monsters

Country: UK
Genre: Thrash Metal 
Label: Fat Hippy
Release date: 28th April 2018

When bands bounce back not only from a relatively long sabbatical but with an album that far, far surpasses their previous output it’s a reason to rejoice. And rejoice we did when we heard Thrashist Regime‘s Carnival Of Monsters, a simply sublime slab of thrash from a band who bounced back in a big way!

Sounding like Anthrax one minute, Onslaught the next, there was also a crossover edge to their blistering attack as gang vox and lightning-fast riffing indulged every thrash fans wanton whim.

First and foremost, Carnival Of Monsters was fun, it was ferocious, it was everything a thrash album needs to be and, in 2018, that was a wonderful thing.

A fuckin’ King Kong of an album, a Godzilla-sized thrash monster, a Frankenstein-esque assembling of thrash metal’s finest moments…..it was, well, a carnival of thrash monsters!

Listen to the whole ferocious fiesta here.

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