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The 5 Most Crazy World Records Set By Metal Bands!

They're in the Guinness Book Of Records you know!!

Metallica – First Musical Act to Perform a Live Show on all 7 Continents!

Metaliica Antarctica

30 years after releasing their legendary debut album Kill ‘em All, Metallica became the very first musical act to play on all 7 continents with their appropriately named Antarctic show, ‘Freeze ‘em All’. But this was no ordinary concert.

Apparently due to the fragility of the Antarctic environment, amplifiers were enclosed in cabinets and the sound was instead transmitted to the audience consisting 120 scientists and a few lucky competition winners via headphones. Oh and did we mention that all of this took place in a giant, transparent glass dome?

So while this one certainly isn’t breaking any records for the loudest Metallica concert, James Hetfield still called it “THE gig of a lifetime” and we doubt he, and those present, will be forgetting it anytime soon.

Know of any more world records set by metal bands? Pop ’em in the comments section below!

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  1. The most important, we set the record for the Loudest Band in the World

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