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The 5 Most Crazy World Records Set By Metal Bands!

They're in the Guinness Book Of Records you know!!

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Worship Metal selects the 5 most crazy world records set by metal bands…..

Agonizer – Deepest Underground Concert!

Agonizer band pic

Finnish melodic/power metal outfit Agonizer seemed to have a different take on underground metal and in April of 2007 they took the term literally….very literally in fact, performing a CD release show for their debut album, Birth/The End, in the belly of the Pyhäsalmi Mine in Finland!

The mine is the second deepest metal mine in Europe (and it’s certainly now the most metal metal mine in the world) and is also home to the worlds deepest sauna. Guinness World Records has the official depth at a staggering 1271 meters below sea level. At that the depth you could fit thirteen Big Ben’s or four Eiffel Tower’s stacked atop one another and still have more than enough room left over.

So whether or not the lyrics or music on Birth/The End makes you look at your cup of coffee of a morning and question the meaning of life, there’s clearly no arguing that it’s the deepest album ever (so far)!

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  1. The most important, we set the record for the Loudest Band in the World

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