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The 5 Most Crazy World Records Set By Metal Bands!

They're in the Guinness Book Of Records you know!!

The Defiled – First Gig on a Floating Iceberg!

Source // Jagermeister_Ice-cold-Gig-314

Source // Jagermeister_Ice-cold-Gig-314

Heavy metal bands have been known to hang out in some pretty strange places (like this black metal band in California), but in terms of originality and downright craziness, this one takes the cake!

In 2014, UK based industrial metal band The Defiled showed that an iceberg and metal isn’t always a recipe for disaster of titanic proportions when they played the world’s first gig on top of a floating iceberg, smack bang in the middle of the Greenland Sea.

The locals who helped transport their equipment – and a handful of extremely dedicated fans who made the extraordinary effort to travel there – watched from fishing boats and were treated to a 30-minute long set. When they were done rocking-the-berg (although on second thought that might be a little dangerous), they donated a drumkit and guitar amp to the remote Greenland town of Kulusuk, which has a tiny population of less than 300 souls.

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  1. The most important, we set the record for the Loudest Band in the World

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