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The 10 Greatest Doom Metal Albums Of 2017

There's always room for DOOM!

3. Slow – V: Oceans

A merciless battery – as unnervingly oppressive as the certainty that the oceans will one day reclaim our lands – with V-Oceans, one man Belgian funeral doom outfit Slow released one of the most catastrophically heavy funeral doom albums we’d heard in an age.

With its slow and repetitive waves of feedback and emotion, funeral doom has always been a tricky beast to navigate but Slow took funeral doom to ever deeper depths.

Funeral doom has always been a genre for the journeyman, one with a well-earned tolerance for the most destructive of forces, and V-Oceans is certainly no exception.This was a voyage across unchartered waters, often savage but also capable of sublime panoramic beauty, as subtle acts of nuance allowed for momentary opportunities to catch breath….before the next deluge drove you back down into the abyss.

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