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The 10 Greatest Doom Metal Albums Of 2017

There's always room for DOOM!

1. Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper

Finding their way back to the light after experiencing severe emotional trauma (founder member and drummer/vocalist Adrian Guerra passed away in 2016 ), the future of Bell Witch looked uncertain until this slab of magisterial funeral doom arrived in October.

Ambitious and wrought with raw emotion, Mirror Reaper assayed any fears that Bell Witch couldn’t continue by delivering an album overwhelmed by grief but dedicated to honouring a fallen brother.

Like previous albums, it was no easy ride….but certainly one worth taking.

Mirror Reaper was an astounding, monumentally heavy (in vision and subtext as well as sound) work of supreme metal majesty; 84 minutes, one track, an emotive eulogy…..the finest doom metal album of 2017.

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