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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Unbounded Terror – Faith in Chaos

Keep the faith.....

UNBOUNDED TERROR originally formed in Mallorca back in 1991 and were one of the first Spanish death metal bands in existence. However, since the release of their well received 1992 full length debut album, Nest of Affliction, Unbounded Terror have been silent….until now!

In April 2019, original guitarist Vicente J. Payá, resurrected his baby, recruited new members – remaining the only original member in the process – and set about recording a sophomore album that was 28 years in the making.

Masters of the mid-paced bludgeoning, Unbounded Terror have wound back the clock to death metal’s heyday and released an old-school sounding death metal album of considerable skill. With age certainly not dampening the spirit of Vicente J. Payá, it’s notable how his riffs are built on an intrinsic knowledge of what made death metal so damn appealing back in the day…..and there’s shit loads of the catchy buggers!

Varied and as tight as fuck, the tracks on Faith In Chaos are custom built to please fans of Immolation, Malevolent Creation, Benediction and their ilk but, first and foremost, in an era of unwavering deathbore brutality, it’s refreshing to hear a death metal album filled with indistinguishable and memorable songs.

Unbounded Terror were highly unlikely to release a ‘classic’ this late in the game but what they have done is gift the world a solid death metal album, replete with the old-school touches you’d demand from a band whose debut came out in 1992! 7/10

Unbounded Terror – Faith in Chaos
Xtreem Music
2nd January 2020

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