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Reek – Death Is Something There Between – Album Review

Witness the rebirth of old-school death 'n' roll!

Reek is the stinking, festering brainchild of two of death metal’s biggest troublemakers; Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Down Among The Dead Men, Echelon and many more!) and Håkan Stuvemark (Wombbath).

The agenda? To vomit forth a death’n’ roll album in the vein and sound of Entombed’s mid 90s records, that’s what!

And, as expected, much of Death Is Something There Between is elephantine, it’s mammoth even. It’s a steamroller slowly crushing your innards, it’s a Walrus using your nuts as a step-stool. You get the idea.

Supremely heavy yet still accessible – as all death ‘n’ roll should be – the key to Reek’s success lies in the ingredients of death ‘n’ roll being assimilated perfectly. Filthy grooves and guttural growls obviously abound but, at heart, Death Is Something There Between (we’ll be honest, we’re not entirely sure what that title is meant to mean) is simply a damn fine heavy metal record.

Is it in the same league as Entombed’s Wolverine BluesDCLXVI: To Ride Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth and Uprising? Not quite, but it is bloody good….so go get your HM-2 inspired groove on! 7/10

REEK – Death Is Something There Between
Label: Testimony Records
Release date: 24.04.2020

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