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Nekhrah – Cosmic Apostasy – Album Review

Cypriot death metallers Nekhrah (an Anglicised version of the Greek word “Νέκρα” which means “death” or “deadness” and/or “emptiness”) are an intriguing breed, offering up a groove-laden and semi-melodic death metal smörgåsbord of crushing riffs to rival the output of Dismember, Grave etc.

Vicious (although heavily processed by the sound of it) vocals recall the insanity of prime Glen Benton but the music sits more in the Swedish death metal bracket (with a little Bolt Thrower thrown in). They even go a little punk when needed and there’s an In Flames vibe to “Closed Casket Funeral” that despite the heavier vocals, squeezes in enough melody to induce a mass break-out of vertebrae-loosening manic head-banging!

It’s all suitably aggressive and suitably nihilistic but not exactly breaking down boundaries. That being said, Cosmic Apostasy offers up enough variety to maintain interest and when they hit a groove they drive it home, unleashing that inner monster that wants to fuck shit up at every given opportunity.

Maintaining a furious pace throughout, the likes of “The Face Of Pain” hammer home just how pissed off these Greeks really are and as a statement of intent, it sums up their mindset perfectly. The world is in a right fuckin’ state if Cosmic Apostasy‘s diatribes are anything to by! 7/10


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