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Wormhole – The Weakest Among Us – Album Review

Slam! Tech! Death! WORMHOLE!

Welcome to the universe of Wormhole, Baltimore’s very own proponents of technical death metal / slam who are set to release their sophomore album, The Weakest Among Us, on January 14th, 2020 via Lacerated Enemy Records.

For the uninitiated, they sound a lot like this:

Chug-chugga-chug-chug-ree-ree-reeeee-badadadadada-grrrrrrr-rahhhhhh-ree-ree-chuggy-chuggy-chug-chug-squeak-squeak-spacey noises-uhuhuhuhuh-SLAM.

On repeat. For 8 tracks.

Frankly, listening to The Weakest Amongst Us is akin to using your face to deflect a “Wave Quake Generator Plasma Artillery Cannon” (track number 5, incidentally) and will definitely leave a mark if the correct equipment is not adorned prior to engagement.

In fairness, there are moments of prog metal brilliance semi-hidden amongst the generic brutal tech death / slam cacophony that makes up most of The Weakest Amongst Us and when Wormhole do reach for the stars – and tackle a more Voivod-ian example of cosmic technicality – they soar. For the remainder they’re too grounded by death metal’s limiting foundations to fully embrace a new dawn. The potential is there though!

Both wilfully obscure and punishingly aggressive, Wormhole are certainly aiming for niche fans of slamming tech death that comes laced with gonzoid moments of unpredictability, but that’s a limited crowd and one that may balk at the more esoteric moments found on this polarising album. Only time will tell.

Perhaps The Weakest Amongst Us is mind-blowingly brilliant and our primitive minds are yet to grasp the magnitude of Wormhole’s achievements?! We really can’t tell. We’re going for a lie down. 6/10

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