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5 Established Bands/Artists Who Embraced Nu-Metal!

If it ain't broke.....don't nu-metal it!

Slayer – Diabolos In Musica (1998)

Thrash? Who needed it?!

Apparently not even Slayer, who had a pop at nu-metal on the frankly farcical Diabolos In Musica.

Quite simply the worst album in Slayer’s otherwise impeccable career, the lions share of the song writing fell to the normally reliable Jeff Hanneman and the world shuddered when they heard the likes of the lump-headed “Death’s Head” and the Korn-lite riffing of “Love To Hate”.

“Stain Of Mind” may just about get away with it’s down-tuned shenanigans but this was not what Slayer (SLAYER for fucks sake) should have been putting their name to in 1998.

Experimental? Yes!

Shite? Pretty much!

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