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5 Established Bands/Artists Who Embraced Nu-Metal!

If it ain't broke.....don't nu-metal it!

Fear Factory – Digmortal (2001)


1998’s Obsolete may have signalled a turn to the nu-metal dark side but it was on 2001’s Digimortal that these industrial metal trailblazers went full on ‘baggy’!

Actually, that’s a little harsh as Fear Factory were still recognisable as the band that released the groundbreaking Demanufacture, but their sound had been softened, simplified and was clearly an attempt to tap into the mainstream market controlled by nu metal.

The obligatory team-up with a rap mainstay was ever present on the risible¬†“Back the Fuck Up” (featuring Cypress Hill’s B-Real) but “Linchpin” was the breakthrough hit that threatened to increase FF’s popularity ten-fold.

Not Fear Factory’s worst album by any means….but not in the same league as the pulverising Soul Of A New Machine¬†or the groundbreaking¬†Demanufacture either!


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