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5 Established Bands/Artists Who Embraced Nu-Metal!

If it ain't broke.....don't nu-metal it!

Machine Head – The Burning Red (1999), Supercharger (2001) & Catharsis (2018)

Ok, Supercharger is a big baggy bag of shite (except for “Bulldozer” which kicks ass) but Machine fuckin’ Head’s first dalliance with nu-metal was on the often overlooked The Burning Red.

Part nu-metal, part groove metal and part thrash, Machine Head’s 3rd album¬†is home to some ferocious Head classics including the riff monster that was “The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears”, the harrowing sexual abuse tale of “Five” (disturbingly, child abuse was a recurring theme of nu-metal) and the more classic sounding, stomp and groove of “Exhale The Vile”.

Perhaps the rapping in “From This Day” was a little too much (although this track goes down great live now!) and the superfluous cover of “Message In A Bottle” (another nu-metal habit) was a step too far, but overall The Burning Red holds up remarkably well!

17 long years after Supercharger and Machine Head returned to the sounds of nu-metal on Catharsis, an album that will surely go down as the most divisive album of 2018. Surprised? Most of us were!

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