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Thunder Horse – Chosen One – Album Review

They ARE the chosen one's!

To call Thunder Horse‘s second album, Chosen One, simply a doom album would actually do it a disservice as this band of Texan trouble-makers incorporate far more than just doom metal into their spicy alchemic brew!

Admittedly, while opening salvo “Let Them Bleed” (a damn fine opener), “Among The Dead” and “Rise of the Heathens” (compete with tolling bell) revel in traditional doom metal atmospherics – and worship at the altar of the Iommi-esque riff – it’s the diversity on display which makes Chosen One such an enjoyable experience.

Tapping into elements of classic rock, blues, prog and 60’s psych rock, these seasoned professionals have absorbed and spat back out decades worth of influences and stapled them to a doom metal framework. The result is a heady mix of satisfyingly stompy doom metal tunes all laced with something a little ‘different’ to keep ’em interesting.

A vast improvement on the DIY nature of their debut, Thunder Horse are clearly galloping toward a bright future (or as bright as the gloom of doom will allow)! 7/10

Thunder Horse’s Chosen One was released on March 12th, 2021 via Ripple Music.

Thunder Horse 'Chosen One'
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