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Saxon – Inspirations – Album Review


Saxon‘s covers collection is pretty self-explanatory – Saxon want to liven up these COVID-fucked times with an 11 song collection that goes back to these NWOBHM kings’ humble beginnings.

There’s no real surprises in the selections, with undeniable legends such as Led Zeppelin (“Immigrant Song”), Rolling Stones (“Paint It Black”) and Black Sabbath (“Evil Woman”) all re-booted by Saxon and led by Biff Byford’s ever youthful vocals.

As inspiration goes, it’s clear that Saxon are still enamoured with the sounds that prompted them to form way back when. Let’s use Deep Purple’s “Speed King” as a prime example:

“Without “Speed King” there would be no “Motorcycle Man”,” said Biff Byford when explaining the importance of the song on Saxon’s early career ascendance. “I love the attitude, energy and driving speed of this song, not to mention those screaming vocals! I’d never sung it before, and I had great fun with it!”

Inspirations is relatively faithful and there’s no major tweaks to the delivery of these classic tracks to report. This is still resolutely Saxon in nature though, with the band simply plugging in and blasting out their favourite songs in their own inimitable way.

Legends honouring legends. A fun listen! 7/10

Saxon’s Inspirations will be released through Silver Lining Music on March 19th 2021.

Track Listing:

  1. Paint It Black
  2. Immigrant Song
  3. Paperback Writer
  4. Evil Woman
  5. Stone Free
  6. Bomber
  7. Speed King
  8. The Rocker
  9. Hold The Line
  10. Problem Child
  11. See My Friends
SAXON | Inspirations - Nuclear Blast

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