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Worship Metal Counts Down UK Doom Metal’s 10 Finest Moments!

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Doom metal, us Brits have always been bloody good at it. We invented it, we morphed it into new shapes and the history of UK doom metal is littered with success stories, pioneering bands that took hold of doom metal’s fundamentals and twisted them into new forms, unearthing all-time classic albums along the way. Candlemass, Trouble and Saint Vitus may have threatened to usurp us in the 80’s but then Cathedral turned the tables once again and the Brits were back, firmly in charge!

As resolutely British as fish ‘n’ chips and as inclement and bleak as our weather, good doom metal is a wonderful thing but these 10 defining moments in UK doom metal history are simply sublime.

Esoteric Redefined Funeral Doom….

Source // f1.bcbits.com

Source // f1.bcbits.com

Two hours of horrifying funeral doom may sound like the ultimate nightmare but Esoteric’s sophomore album is so claustrophobically, hellishly and diabolically enchanting that it simply must be heard and remains one of the most compelling recordings in British doom metal history.

Released in 1997, these blackened, avant-garde, Brummie experimentalists redefined funeral doom with an unmistakable use of samples – buried deep in their murky low-end sound – to add bottomless layers to their dark and depressing sound.

Breaking this epic down into ‘must-hear’ tracks is fruitless, The Pernicious Enigma needs to be experienced as it was intended and absorbed whole. Our advice, take at least two weeks off work and immerse yourself in this grand and ambitious work of art, you may feel like ending it all by the time you’ve absorbed the entirety of this 2-disc record but at least you’ll be feeling something!

Today’s often vacuous excuse for modern metal doesn’t do that now does it!

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