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Cruthu – The Angle Of Eternity – Album Review

For fans of Trouble, Pagan Altar, Witchfinder General and Black fuckin' Sabbath!

There’s nothing more that can be done to reinvent the sound of classic doom metal. Nothing. After Trouble reignited what was a moribund genre back in the 80’s all that has followed is a slight variation on Eric Wagner and co’s slight variation on Black Sabbath’s original blueprint. Which brings us to Cruthu‘s The Angle Of Eternity, a classic doom sounding debut which offers nothing new….but when you sound this damn good, why bother with breaking the mould!

If that slightly disparaging intro suggests we didn’t enjoy The Angle Of Eternity we’d like to quickly clarify that we loved it! This is a cracking slab of crushing riffery, wrapped around a classic doom framework. Unsurprisingly, the greats of the genre provide inspiration here with the pioneering work of Sabbath, Trouble, Pagan Altar and Witchfinder General dictating the play.

“Lady In The Lake” is as effective a doom song as you’d ever want to hear with the most basic, yet ridiculously catchy, main riff turning simplicity into an art form while “Bog of Kildare” is Cruthu’s ‘Sabbath moment’, recalling the heavier than hell blues of “Hand Of Doom” as it lurches its way to armageddon. Variation is key to making an album more than just average though and, fortunately, the bouncier “Seance” has a Clutch vibe going which offers a plentiful distraction before the title track goes on to deliver an epic NWOBHM meets 80’s underground doom metal closer.

Moody, doomy, highly accessible and in thrall to the beating heart of metal, the deceptively simple stock of Cruthu’s The Angle Of Eternity is an across-the-board crowd pleaser.

It sure ain’t original but then originality can be overrated! 7/10

CRUTHU – The Angle Of Eternity
Label:  The Church Within Records
Release date: 23.02.2018
Distribution: Alive (GER) & Code7/PHD (Europe)

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