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Geezer Unveil First Single from Upcoming New Release! Free Download Now!

Nice one geezer!

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A Kyuss meets The Stooges fuzzy stroll through caveman country, the first release from Geezer’s forthcoming sophomore album is “about the kind of woman you can’t be around because the temptation is too great. You know you shouldn’t, but you know you could… ”

Or so says Pat Harrington of new lead-off single, “One Leg Up”, taken from the Geezer’s upcoming self-titled album, due out this November on Ripple Music (CD and Digital) and STB Records (vinyl).

“It’s one driving groove, all the way through,’ says Harrington “Simple. Rock. Riffs. Although it wasn’t the original intent, the song ended up being kind of an homage to The Stooges. It’s our take on those great songs like “Loose” or “TV Eye”. The lyrics are also greatly influenced by the man himself. I just thought to myself, “What would Iggy do?”. Sing about women, cavemen and dogs… primal instincts, temptation, decadence. It’s been a staple of our live show for over a year now and it always gets the crowd moving”

Geezer are launching the follow up to their long-sold-out debut album, Gage, which was also simultaneously released on Ripple Music (CD/Digital) and STB Records (vinyl). That album broke the band to a larger audience who appreciated their heavy, greasy, bluesy vibe. The new album takes that core Geezer sound and expands upon those ideals for another rough and ready blast of pure fuzzed out stoner, blues bliss!

Geezer and Ripple Music have made “One Leg Up” available as a free download for all comers, old and new, to welcome them to the Geezer clan. “One Leg Up,” can be found for free download on the Ripple Music Bandcamp page….go grab it!

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