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The Rose Of Lillith – Soulless – Single Review

A rose by any other name....

Featuring guest appearances by Lance King (ex-Pyramaze), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Andi Kravljaca (Thaurorod), Ollie Bernstein (OUSIODES) and Mikel Johnston (Heretical Lacerations), this thundering cut of prime power metal from The Rose Of Lillith hits hard and fast and with more aggression than the likes of Hammerfall have mustered in years!

Tumultuous and churning, this mini-epic roars through a multitude of styles without losing its core appeal, a crunching riff-fest replete with death growls, soaring clean vocals and more keyboard-drenched atmospherics than your tiny  brain can cope with.

It’s all good clean fun and the kind of power metal that ‘hardened metallers’ can latch on to, avoiding a too sickly-sweet sound in favour of pomp and ceremony that’s ably backed by meaty moments of heads-down bludgeoning. These Floridian symphonic/power metallers are onto something! 7/10

Pick it up via The Rose Of Lillith’s bandcamp page!

The Rose Of Lillith - Soulless


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