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Power Metal / Thrashers REVEREND Returning?

If you thought you’d never hear from power metal/thrashers Reverend again, you’re not alone. After losing David Wayne to complications from an auto accident in 2005, Reverend carried on in living tribute for several years until another tragic loss seemed to end the former Metal Church singer’s group for good.

Enter some previously un-released demos from 1993-2000 with an entire album’s worth of material along with former Rev guitarist Bill Rhynes who wrote and recorded these tracks with Dave on multitrack equipment all those years ago.

Needless to say, time has not been kind to the cassette mediums that the music has been resting on for twenty + years, but the desire to bring these tracks back to new life, with a brand new band, brings together a veritable supergroup comprised of new frontman Bobby “Leatherlungs” Lucas (Morbid Sin, Seven Witches, Overlorde and Attacker) along with drummer Joe Moore (D.T.A. and Bloodfeast) and none other than Exciter’s very own Allan Johnson on bass.

The group is in the midst of recreating the original tracks penned by Wayne and Rhynes and a future release of this collection is imminent.

“It’s no secret that Dave left behind some pretty big shoes to fill, and I think people will be pleased with what Bobby does with Dave’s words” says Rhynes, “It gives me the chills sometimes when I am working on the tracks with him, it’s almost like being onstage or in the rehearsal hall with David all over again. I am confident Dave would give his blessing.”

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