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Surgical Strike – Part Of A Sick World – Album Review

Despite initially forming in 1993, Hanover mob Surgical Strike have only just gotten around to releasing their debut album but has the 27 years been worth the wait? Well yes….and no.

Kicking off with “Dead End Gone”, Surgical Strike are clearly taking no prisoners from the get-go, the song is chock-full of taut energetic riffing and some dazzling interplay between guitarists Marcelo Vasquez Rocha and Frank Ruhnke; a trick they resort to time and time again, with fantastic results.

In particular, “Below Zero” has a great big rolling riff that engulfs everything in its path – before giving way to a bass line that Frank Bello would be proud of – while closing number “The Breed” is granite heavy and closes the album in fine style.

Not only is Part of a Sick World musically heavy but it also pulls no punches lyrically and finds vocalist Jens Albert gruffly deliver his acidic diatribes against societal decay and corrupt politicians.

Unfortunately the quality isn’t entirely maintained with “Failed State”, “Conspiracy” and “Confrontation” failing to grab the attention and don’t seem to go anywhere. That said, the positives do outweigh the negatives and Surgical Strike have released an album they can be justifiably proud of.

If precision honed, mid-paced, teutonic thrash is your thing (and of course it is!), then you could do far worse than give Surgical Strike’s Part Of A Sick World a blast! 7/10

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