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Necropsy – Exitus – EP Review

Death (literally)

On the scene since 1989(!), Necropsy may not be a household name but their demo’s were incredibly well received back in the day and they’ve been riding the comeback trail since the release of 2011’s Bloodwork album. Fast forward to 2020 and old school Finnish death metallers Necropsy are here to remind the new breed of slam-obsessed kids how real death metal should sound!

Home to riff after riff after torturous riff, the 4 tracks on Exitus sure ain’t pretty and, in particular, “F*cking Dead” is a lumbering, torrid death / doom colossus; the kind of song which sadistically drags its own slowly decaying corpse through the filth until the last of its flesh is ripped from its bones. Opener “Meat Ceremony” is a little more up-tempo, though no less savage, and by the time you get to closing track, “Bucherado” – which has more than a little Bloodbath about it – you’ll be left gasping for air.

To be fair, Necropsy have never been ‘doomier’ than they are here but it suits them down to the ground and while there’s nothing technical to write home about – with Necropsy simply bludgeoning you senseless with chugging riffs, guttural growls and an unsettling atmosphere – the overall effect is crushingly heavy and decidedly moreish!  7/10

Country: Finland
Genre: Death Metal

Tero Kosonen – vocals
Janne Kosonen – guitars
Sami Heinonen – guitars
Ville Vartiainen – bass
Hannu Väänänen – drums

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