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Smoke Mountain – Queen of Sin – Album Review

Death proof ‘til I die!

Florida- based occult fuzz rockers, Smoke Mountain, released their debut album, Queen Of Sin on March 27th 2020 and this brainchild of family members Sarah, Lee and Brian Pitt is a throwback mix of stoner, psych and doom that takes great pleasure in drenching the listener in vintage sounds of blissful fuzz.

Alluringly nostalgic yet hard to pin down to a certain moment in time, Queen of Sin transports you back to an unrealised decade that lingers somewhere at the back of your frazzled mind; a hazy, half-glimpsed mixture of the 60’s and 70’s where Manson is king and post-apocalyptic bikers circa The Bronx Warriors roam the wilderness.

Trippy and unashamedly doomy, songs such as “Touch of the Sun” simply chug their way into the dark recesses of your brain, propelled on their journey via the cult leader-esque tones of bewitching frontman Sarah Pitt. Strangely, Queen Of Sin appears to be back-loaded with the better tracks, particularly from the mesmerising “I Walk Alone” onwards. “Deathproof” is then the indisputable highlight, an up-tempo little ditty which ups the rock ‘n’ roll factor and showcases another facet to Smoke Mountain’s sound – it’s still fuzzy as fuck, mind (Blue Cheer would be proud).

So much fuzz, so much distortion. So much potential. 7/10

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