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Piss On Christ – Piss On Christ – Album Review


Piss On Christ (how’s that for a confrontational name!) are a brutal satanic anti-christ death metal band heavily (and we mean, heavily) influenced by DEICIDE, Behemoth, Naglfar, etc.

We’ll cut to the chase, there’s no doubting that Piss On Christ are 100% committed to their blasphemous cause but we’ve heard this all before and, to be fair, Deicide are still around, so why do we need a new incarnation? Frontman Lou Giovanni’s vocals mimic Glen Benton but his growls are not as deep, nor his shrieks as skin-crawingly high and the result is a carbon-copy of a beloved death metal figure; without the added oomph that has always made Glen Benton such a formidable force.

The production is pretty thin (demo quality in places) and fails to capitalise on any heft Piss On Christ may possess while too many of the song structures recall Deicide to slavishly. Did someone scream PLAGIARISM!!! Honouring your heroes is one thing but ripping off their entire aesthetic, methodology and personality is another. For example, “You Dwell In The House Of Lies” feels like a re-working of In Torment, In Hell‘s “Worry In The House Of Thieves” while the imaginatively titled “Murderers and Rapists are Followers Of Christ and Their God Forgives Them” wouldn’t have sounded out of place on 1997’s Serpents of the Light.

Piss On Christ are like Deicide then…..only nowhere near as good. 4/10

Fun fact: The album cover is an actual picture of frontman Lou Giovanni’s (aka Dan Castrofate) real piss stream covering a beheaded crucifix and bible…..which should grab your attention, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Lou Giovanni – vocals, rhythm guitar, bass
Pat Reilly – lead guitar solos
Demitria – drums

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