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Antiversum – Cosmos Comedenti – Album Review

An eater of worlds.....

Formed in 2010 by dedicated and experienced musicians from the Swiss metal scene, Antiversum are a nihilistic entity thriving in a seething mass of black, doom and death metal sludge….and Cosmos Comedenti is a full length debut of considerable skill!

Low-end utterances accompany soul-crushing riffing that sit somewhere between the tremolo picking of classic black metal and the chest-crushing downstrokes of death/doom metal. 

Vast nothingness perpetuates but there’s menace seemingly lurking in every dark shadow and that’s how Antiversum seem to like it. The almost tribal drums at the beginning of “Chao E Orta Est” threaten unspeakable violence as it rises, god-like, from the chaos (sic) and this threat of bodily harm pervades throughout a track which finds power in what it doesn’t say, its languid doom passages unnerving even the hardiest soul.

Antiversum’s cavernous sound is perfected on album closer “Nihil Ad Probandum”, a furious 13 minute epic that recalls the dense death/doom of Australia’s Cruciform and serves as ample proof that Antiversum ironically have nothing to prove. This is a band already operating at awe-inspiring levels.

Cosmos Comedenti is ridiculously intense, it’s ugly, its been released from the bowels of hell to unceremoniously burn the skin from your buttocks and it’s akin to being trapped in the disturbing vision of hell depicted in Lucio Fulci’s zombie classic, The Beyond. 8/10

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