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Boethiah – Celestial Gateway – EP Review

For fans of Dismember, Grave, Nocturnus, Benediction.....

Imagine, if you will, an alien invasion set to the backdrop of sci-fi infused, blood ‘n’ guts death metal. That’ll be Boethiah‘s Celestial Gateway you’re picturing and with just 8 months separating the release of their debut album, Invocation Of The Xenolith, you can consider Boethiah’s particular invasion in full effect!

Taking the template of their self-released debut, Boethiah are venturing further into the unknown with 6 tracks of suitably sinister, cosmically-crushing death fuckin’ metal! With science fiction colliding with the classic HM-2 sound of prime 90’s Swedish death metal – and Boethiah confessing to the worship of “stargates, wormholes, the BOSS HM-2, The Elder Ones, The Daedric Lords, and the Masters of Death” – you can guarantee one thing; pure escapism….the death metal way!

The eerie incantations of “Drifting Into The Void” are a central highlight, with Autopsy proving to be a solid inspiration as Boethiah slow things down while upping the atmospherics. Suitably grim and yet decidedly futuristic, it’s a track which blends seamlessly with the Asphyx meets Pestilence-esque “Beneath The Mist”, and proves that this is one band who truly do worship at the altar of the masters of death.

In truth, Boethiah aren’t really “charting the unknown” as death metal fans have heard this all before but they’re a solid death metal act with a strong sense of identity. Where they take their sound next (outer space, presumably) will dictate their longevity, but for now, Boethiah are a a band well worth seeking out. 6/10 

Boethiah’s Celestial Gateway is due for release on September 21st, 2018 via Camo Pants Records and Rotted Life Records.

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