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Radux – Disaster Imminent – EP Review

Get your hands on 12 inches of nuclear devastation!

Radux‘s first vinyl offering has been in the making for some time, but these 12 inches of nuclear devastation (ooo err missus!) are now ripe for release. These Finns sure do love their 80’s speed metal and thrash and those enamoured with the sounds of Agent Steel, Toxik, Whiplash and Nuclear Assault will want to check Radux out.

Come to think of it, Radux are basically Nuclear Assault reborn with vocalist Juho sounding exactly (and we mean exactly) like John Connelly! In fact, Toxik influenced artwork aside, it would be fair to say that Radux border on Nuclear Assault plagiarism and perhaps we need to call in the lawyers. However with Nuclear Assault now defunct, there’s no real harm in continuing their legacy, with new blood at the helm……is there?

When “Fallout” is a blatant reworking of NA’s “After The Holocaust” in all but name (and even the name bloody alludes to it), and every song title alludes to the aftermath of nuclear devastation you’ve got to wonder if Radux have simply decided to rewrite NA’s entire back catalogue?! The merit in that is questionable and the whole blasted thing leaks 80’s radiation like a particularly bad day at Chernobyl but Disaster Imminent does still have its charms, even if those charms are ridiculously familiar.

If you truly love Nuclear Assault, then you may get a kick out of hearing Nuclear Assault MK II. Everyone else will probably be more than irritated by Radux’s distinct lack of original ideas. 6/10

Radux’s vinyl debut, Disaster Imminent, is out via Svart Records on September 14th, in a limited edition of 300 copies only. Pick it up before you find yourself permanently irradiated!

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