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The 5 Greatest UK Thrash Releases Of 2021!

Thrashin' it up. UK style!

The UK continued to churn out high calibre THRASH in 2021 and Worship Metal has selected the 5 releases we feel were most worthy of your attention…..

5. Detritus – Myths

DETRITUS - MYTHS (*NEW-Vinyl, 2021, Embryonic Industries) Elite Progre –  Boone's Overstock

Released: February 19th, 2021 via Embryo Industries

The return of cult old-school UK progressive thrashers Detritus was one none of us were expecting but return they did….and with their first album in 28 years!

Detritus dwell in experimental doom/thrash territory (apt considering their Seventh Angel connections) with Mark Broomhead’s harsh baritone bellow adding to the overall feel of overwhelming, crushing, mid-paced thrash brutality. 

Myths was not perfect by any means (“Tale Of Sadness” was somewhat of a misfire) but overall this was a hugely welcome return from a cult UK band whose early 90’s output – Perpetual Defiance (1990) and If But For One (1993) – also deserve to be lauded for their fearless and experimental nature! 

Detritus; it was good to have you back! 

4. Elimination – Echoes of the Abyss

Echoes of the Abyss by Elimination (Album, Thrash Metal): Reviews, Ratings,  Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

Released: Independently on October 29th, 2021

Elimination‘s 3rd album, Echoes Of The Abyss, rose from the abyss like a leviathan intent on annihilating all in its path. This was old-school thrash pumped out with 100% bullish aggression; fuelled by hatred and determined to rock the status quo with Anihilated-esque fervour!

The current UK thrash contingent was well presented with Shrapnel‘s own Aarran Tucker popping by to add some killer vocals to “This Is War”, but it was album closer, “Infernal”, that provided the biggest thrill; an experimental death/thrash colossus to rival the beast portrayed on Echoes Of The Abyss cataclysmic artwork.

Awaken the old gods!

3. Trapped In Purgatory – Damned Nation

Trapped In Purgatory – Damned Nation (2021, CD) - Discogs

Released: Independently on January 29th, 2021.

A not-so-new thrash band from the UK, Trapped In Purgatory described themselves as not a “reformation, but a rebirth”….which makes sense when you consider that 3/5ths of the band were members of UK thrashers Purgatory, who issued a series of demos in the late 1980’s.

Fast forward approx 30 years and Trapped In Purgatory released their debut album, Damned Nation – about bloody time lads!

But was it worth the wait? Abso-frickin’-lutely!

Full of mid-era Overkill groove and Xentrix-esque stomp, Damned Nation found these old dogs snapping at the heels of history with a satisfying blend of nostalgic, mid-tempo thrash. 

2. Evile – Hell Unleashed

Album Hell Unleashed, Evile | Qobuz: download and streaming in high quality

Released: April 30th, 2021 via Napalm Records

As far as UK thrash goes, 2021 was the year of Evile! With the release of Hell Unleashed, the UK’s greatest exponents of modern thrash finally returned to the fray…..but with a few changes along the way!

Ol Drake was back in the band and now on vocal duties – with former frontman Matt Drake moving on to pastures new – and Evile were back to thrashin’ as hard and as fast (harder, faster, even) as they did on their incendiary debut, Enter The Grave (2007).  

Stripped-back and as heavy as all hell, Hell Unleashed primarily went back-to-basics and unloaded a tirade of caustic thrash anthems upon the world.

No bullshit, no fannying around, just 100% thrash from a band who may have wobbled along the way, but are now back at the forefront of UK thrash and proudly wrecking necks again – long may it continue!!

1. Sun Of The Endless Night – Life… A Tragedy Tainted By Malevolence

SUN OF THE ENDLESS NIGHT – Life … A Tragedy Tainted by Malevolence CD –  Sanctus Propaganda

Fronted by the inimitable Si Cobb (he of almighty UK thrash royalty Anihilated), this politically-charged, technically audacious thrash metal outfit also features current and ex-members of Suicide Watch, Stampin’ Ground and Decadence Within and their sophomore album, Life… A Tragedy Tainted By Malevolence, is yet another blast of raging thrash ripped straight from the old-school rulebook!

A seething mass of scything riffs and feral howls, Sun Of The Endless Night are remorseless in their intensity and short, savage shockers such as the Slayer-esque “Who Let The Night In” and the more adventurous “Once Upon A Death” are testament to a band with nothing to prove….but everything to say.

Tracked in the shadow of a global pandemic – and fully encapsulating the fear and paranoia of these troubled times – Life… A Tragedy Tainted By Malevolence is as scathing as they come and showcase a band at the forefront of the UK’s current scene.

If the modern output of Kreator, the socio-political leanings of Anihilated circa 2015’s Anti-Social Engineering and the merciless attitude of Slayer still ring true in your tinnitus-ravaged ears then Life… A Tragedy Tainted By Malevolence will be your the UK thrash album of the year….it’s certainly ours!!

Honourable mentions: Acid Age – Semper Pessimus / Blacklist – Disciples of Time / Civilised Society? – The Third Dimension / Holosade – Anastasis / Primitai – Violence of the Skies / Tortured Demon – In Desperation’s Grip

Note: Craven Idol‘s Forked Tongues was too ‘black metal’ to warrant inclusion here, despite it being one of the highlights of 2021….look for it in a future list!

Have we forgotten your favourite UK thrash release of 2021? If so, pop it in the comments below…..

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