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Komatsu – A New Horizon – Album Review

For fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Mastodon, Kylesa, Torche......

Taking their name from manufacturers of heavy duty construction machinery is perhaps a not so subtle hint as to the heaviness of these Eindhovan based bruisers, and the big question is, do Komatsu do justice to their name?

The answer is a resounding FUCK YES!

Album number 3, A New Horizon, delivers 10 tracks of kick ass sludge/stoner rock/stoner metal with, at times, subtle psychedelic flourishes which bring to mind the work of Josh Homme on Kyuss’ And The Circus Leaves Town and/or Welcome To Sky Valley. However, unlike a large number of their peers, these lads don’t bother with long, drawn out jams. Instead, they like to keep things relatively concise and to the point.

These self proclaimed “supermassive mothersludgers” are all about the riffs; riffs with lashings of irresistible melody thrown in for good measure! Take pacey opening number “I Got Drive” and the mesmerising hulking grooves of “A New Horizon” as ample evidence that Komatsu aren’t just thinking big, they’re thinking massive!

Komatsu may not be the most original band in the world and are heavily indebted to their peers – particularly those who dwell on the West Coast of America – but who really gives a fuck when they make such a joyously wonderful racket?

A New Horizon is an album that deserves to be played loud and often (and without distraction!) and should be considered one of the finest sludge/stoner releases of 2018! 8/10

KOMATSU – A New Horizon

Sludge/Stoner Rock/Stoner Metal.

Release date: 7th September, 2018 via Argonauta Records.

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